Currently, the focus is on Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of harassment, attacks, and/or rape by over 70 women. This evil industry. Hollywood.

Shocking, no?

No, carnales. Before the Weinstein story broke, Bill Cosby, the sweater-wearing, jello-eating [alleged] rapist, was accused of attacking or raping 41 women. Did we forget about him? To date, he has not been convicted. People still defend him. [Mas…]

A Guide To Understanding The
Differences Between Different Kinds Of Latinos,
As Manifested By Responses

T O   T H I S
Kate Spade Taco Truck Purse ($251)

· Mexican: Ay, no.
· Mexican-American: Hell. No.
· Latinx: That’s cultural appropriation.
· Tex Mex: OMG I WANT THIS PURSE!!!!!!


This is some legit Chicana spoken word shit, for reals.

Lone Stars Entertainment explains: [Mas…]

sombraAfter months of secrets leaking out of headquarters, the new hero for Orange County’s Blizzard Entertainment hit game Overwatch has finally been revealed. She’s a Mexican Latina named Sombra (photo). Her name means Shadow.

But does this impact the culture of Orange County? The culture of video game development? The very essence of Mexican and Mexican-American culture?

As a first generation Mexican-American, I think Sombra represents an important and much-needed shift in thought to get Latino people into careers in which we are consistently underrepresented. She is the champion of a new tech-forward identity that uses its own skills to take matters into its own hands. But, most importantly, she’s really freakin’ cool, as you can see in this video: [Mas…]

In La Graduación | The Graduation by Anna Clare Spelman, we meet an undocumented Latinx DREAMer about to graduate from the Harvard’s Kennedy School with a master’s degree. Thank God Donald Trump promises to deport rapists and narcotrafficantes like her and her mom!

hispanderingOn September 14 a Latina friend of mine who’s also a college professor said to me, “Brace yourself for Hispanic Heritage Month, I’m already getting phone calls about recommendations for mariachi bands.”

I laughed a bit, but her comment stayed with me. See, she’s half Colombian and I’m Puerto Rican, and the idea of becoming the “go to” people about such things struck me as, well, just another example of how stereotypes about Latinos often work.

The fact that people are asking her about mariachi bands reveals how U.S. society usually lumps us together under the umbrella label “Latino/a” or “Hispanic” despite our cultural differences and diversity.

At the same time, her warning (“brace yourself”) fittingly captured how many Latinxs/Hispanics feel about Hispanic Heritage Month (which I prefer to call Latino Heritage Month because I find it more inclusive, less Spanish-oriented). [Mas…]

Pocho Ocho Top GOP Picks for Latinx Heritage Month 2017

by Especial Correspondents September 16, 2016 Cultura
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“Hispanic” Heritage Month, the officially-approved celebration of Latinx and their contributions to the United Estates of America, started Thursday. Donald Trump’s GOP has proposed their own list of praise-worthy Hispanix for next year’s fiesta — assuming Trump wins — and POCHO has gotten a sneak peek at their nominations. Peep this Mexclusive list of the […]


My name is Vero and I’m a Mexican-American (video)

by Verdana Bold April 18, 2016 Cultura
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Vero Higareda made this video for a class she’s taking at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Like so many others, she has been told that she doesn’t look Mexican.


True Story: I was a teenaged guera, white like Jesus too

by SYDNEY PRESLEY March 22, 2016 Cultura
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In 1969, my mother registered to vote as a member of La Raza Unida, an independent “third party.” When she came home and shared the news with her father — declaring that she was a “Chicana” — he grew angry. He told her never to use that word, since “Chicano” was a derogatory term when […]


Versifying in Texas: Rossy Evelin Lima is a poet on a mission (video)

by Verdana Bold March 15, 2016 Cultura
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Rossy Evelin Lima is an award-winning Mexican poet and linguist. She spoke at TEDxMcallen last year about her experience as an immigrant writer in the U.S. Her website is is here.