Her name is Leticia Guimarães, Reina del Carnaval.


OK, mi gente, now I am really, really angry. Since I have last written, I have thought long and hard about the present state of the Catholic Church.

It has occurred to me that the “speaking points” of Ash Wednesday, apply specifically to the Catholic Church and the immediate legal and public relations problems that beset it now. If you recall, the deacon spoke of things we might “give up” for Lent. Things such as: [Mas…]

Re-imagining Jesus’ Last Supper may have started with Leonardo Da Vinci, but it didn’t stop there. Here’s JC and the Apostles, pictured in the Rebel Alliance cafeteria. And then there’s this painting of Galactica Commander Bill Adama… [Mas…]

During Lent, according to Wikipedia, “many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuries as a form of penitence.”

Here are the pocho ocho top luxuries Latinos are giving up for Lent:

8. Shanking

7. Paying the rent

6. La otra familia [Mas…]

Happy Presidents Day from Mija Weekly! This week: the State of the Union is doomed! Also, I say adios to el Popa and hello to some ruby red slippers. Last, don’t forget it’s Lent (avoid pork chops and cruise ships.) [Mas…]