flordeloloacheThey’re white, they’re black, they’re brown, they’re women, they’re mariachis. In New York. Flor de Toloache represent! [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from SAN ANTONIO) Sandra Ceballos made a shocking discovery Friday night when she was out with her girlfriends.

The standards she’d been using to find a good husband were, as her friend Jenny put it, “appallingly low.”

Ceballos, whose family is from Mexico, was raised to believe that if a man is not too much of a drunk, works hard, and doesn’t beat you, he’s “good husband material.” [Mas…]

cassandroHe’s here, he’s queer and he’s the three-time world champion. Meet Cassandro, Luchador Exotico. Arielle Castillo reports for Fusion Live. [Mas…]

It can be hard to be a Latina, but it can be even harder to be in love with one. I will admit that I occasionally emasculate my Latino friends, love interests and acquaintances.

Given that Latinos and Latinas alike often contend with issues of machismo,  emasculation can sometimes happen by accident. Then again, for the same reasons, it can also happen on purpose. Whatever the case, here’s a list of eight occasions to watch out for:

8. Talking to his mother or female relatives about him.

Although this is a female ritual, it never ceases to cause discomfort.

7. Calling him by Spanish pet names in front of his friends.

He may be your “pedacito de bon bon” when you two are alone, but when you call him these things in front of his friends, somehow it makes him less of a man. [Mas…]

Girls – no matter how you dress, guys will scope you out

by Sara Inés Calderón January 25, 2012 Cultura
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Have you ever noticed, ladies, that no matter how you dress or how you act, men are going to check you out? Bosses, co-workers, friends, stranger, acquaintances or just plain cochinos, they are going to scope you out as much or as little as your clothing allows? Ugh. I grew up in the Catholic/Mexican tradition […]