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wherearetheynowSure, they’re older now, but are they obsolete? Our childhood heroes: Where are they now?  Popeye is apparently no longer “strong to the finish,” for example. What’s up with that? Is spinach too expensive for retired sailors on a fixed income? [Mas…]

aragonesHere he is, my old amigo, comics legend Sergio Aragones, at SDCC Sunday.

He is the world’s fastest and funniest cartoonist, and a really nice guy! [Mas…]

whatmeworry releasethehounds2

I’m back in my hometown — however briefly — for the San Diego Comic-Con, SDCC, where I had a chance to talk with and take photos with two of my heroes, Montgomery Burns and Alfred E. Neuman.

Alcaraz. Lalo Alcaraz. I’ve got a license to toon:


Photographers here are always happy to snap pix of hot chicas in super hero garb. Click on the gigantor image to enlarge: [Mas…]