madison avenue

Trade publication Advertising Age’s new Hispanic Fact Pack has hit the Interwebs, revealing tantalizing details about the “Hispanic market” which means you.

And it’s packed, por supuesto, with facts: [Mas…]

fdahuevosTechnically, the word I should have used above, in the headline, is “Manipulates.” As in, “Safely Manipulate Your Balls When You Celebrate!”

That’s what the Federal Drug Administration advises this season, anyway. (Screen capture, above.)

But I’m a writer who has spent a lifetime in both advertising and journalism, and I know the value of good clickbait when I have it in my hands.

Er… Line of sight. Sorry, I’m distracted by the FDA advising me to fondle one’s nether regions for Easter. [Mas…]

bicSomewhere, over the double rainbows, there’s a place on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. And Honest Slogans, perfectly realized, from the Honest Slogans Tumblr.

youtube [Mas…]