On New Year, don’t curse the darkness, homies. Instead, light up a candle with the images of Saint Christopher Walken and/or Saint Miley Cyrus of Twerk.

The Saint Nicholas Cage matched pair is perfect for the Christmas season we think: [Mas…]

virgen_de_guadalupe_tattoo_by_srhiena-d5b99mpYou know you’ve heard the story before. A grandmother in a faraway place has found La Virgen on her tortilla or her window or her ceiling or wherever it is that she found her.

Don’t pretend like you haven’t looked for things shaped like La Virgen before! It’s all a part of our culture, but because it’s also a recurring and hilarious part, we wanted to round up the list for you.

  1. A Tortilla – This is one of the most common ones, close second to Jesus on a piece of toast.
  2. A Tree – I wrote about this one when I was a reporter on the border, but I’m not the only one. [Mas…]

New York artist Danny Evans uses his mad Photoshop skillz to fight for truth, justice and pinche reality in a series of celebrity photographs artfully reimagined as photos of ordinary people. Here are Johnny Depp and Madonna, for example:

johnnydeppreally300 madonna300

Not done yet? You can take more, no problem? Meet Brad and Angelina and Jennifer Lopez by herself and pictured with Marc Anthony: [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from NEW YORK CITY) HBO’s mega hit Girls is getting a spin-off — a Latina version called Chicas.

“We woke up and smelled the cafecito,” producer Elizabeth Ferris told a press conference here this morning, “and the pan dulce.”

“The success of Girls is indisputable and we want to be able to bring that success to the Latino community,”  Ferris said. “I don’t know if any Latinos actually watch Girls, but everyone is into the ‘Latino thing’ these days, so why not Chicas?” [Mas…]

Caption this image and win POCHO stickers or something else cool we haven’t decided yet. Also, don’t be hating on us for the image — it’s courtesy St. Matthew’s in Auckland, NZ.

What’s going on here? Caption this image in the comments, below.


Beginning to look a lot like a feminist madonna Christmas (toon)

by HABLO PICASSO November 22, 2012 Cartoons
Thumbnail image for Beginning to look a lot like a feminist madonna Christmas (toon)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Peep the lovely green Xmas foliage and twinkling red holiday lights plus an Art Nouveau Feminist Madonna in this illustration/logo for NorCal attorney Omar Rodriguez.


Pocho Ocho signs your Super Bowl party is in trouble

by El Guapo February 5, 2012 Cultura

8. It’s half-time and your friends are still trying to decode the Roman numerals. 7. Everyone’s trying to explain to Tio Frank why only the runty guys get to kick the ball. 6. Your morbidly obese pal keeps shoving nachos in his mouth and shouting instructions to the athletes on TV, oblivious to the irony.