manic hispanic

SoCal punqueros Manic Hispanic persist in their brave/loco plan to drop a new recording every week. Lowriders for Mars is from their soon-to-be-released EP Al Rato and Thanks for All the Chanklas. [NSFW F-bomb at the end.]

Lyrics here: [Mas…]

Despite vehement protestations of innocence, the local constables have incarcerated a member of Manic Hispanic on criminal charges. At least according to this song [NSFW lyrics]: [Mas…]

Making good on their threat to release a new song every week, So Cal homies Manic Hispanic ask you to consider this ode to Mexican moms everywhere: Chankla Abuser. [Barely audible F-bomb.]

Confused? ¡Mira los lyrics!: [Mas…]

Hardcore SoCal homies Manic Hispanic reserved a special color for the president – orange – and a pet name – something about “pendejo” – in this brand new video. [NSFW in Spanglish.]


“She left Santana in a Chevrolet, to visit her tia in East L.A. — but she never got there!” [F-bomb.]
SoCal punks Manic Hispanic’s 2003 version of a Ramones tune takes on new relevance with Trump’s DACA threats. The I.N.S. Took My Novia Away is from the CD/album Mijo Goes to Jr. College.