In Lyon, France, the folks at Bnin claim to make tacos with mustard, ketchup, thyme, sugar, mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, “pomme frites” and “sandwich cheese” then wrap them up in flour tortillas like a burrito and toast them in a panini press. Unclear on the concept, don’t you think?

Their ingredients:

  • Taco bread or tortillas
  • 250 g chicken breast
  • French fries
  • Sandwich cheese
  • [Mas…]


Heute gibt es meinen mexikanischen Mais Salat in der Version mit Bulgur als Rezept für euch. Der Salat ist so einfach selber zu machen, den bekommt jeder Trottel hin 😉

Das schöne ist noch, dass ihr diesen Salat das ganze Jahr machen könnt da er asaisonal ist.

Hier findet ihr das Rezept

ochodemayoOur Mexican friends have many misconceptions about today’s American celebration of El Ocho de Mayo. It is NOT the day the British burned the White House, for example, and it is NOT the day Gerry Rivers became Geraldo Rivera.

Help a hermano out with the Pocho Ocho Top Facts Mexicans Should Know about El Ocho de Mayo:

8. Best (Hellman’s in the East) Mayonnaise — El Jefe de Mayo — first introduced on this day in 1915.

7. Mayo West did not invent the life vest but she did flash her chichis to the sailors of the aircraft carrier USS Hooter on this day in 1942.

6. The Mayo Clinic — originally established to seek cures for La Cruda — opened its doors on this day in 1955. [Mas…]

Some kids may be back at school but it’s still Summer. And there’s no summer without elotes, fresh and hot from the grill.

MR. POCHO recently appeared on a flour tortilla in Boyle Heights

8. Beans, beans the magical fruit

7. The tortilla is the perfect shape and size for religious apparitions and spiritual experiences

6. Manteca — it’s the new kombucha

5. Pronouncing “chipotle” deemed World’s Best Tongue Exercise by Women’s Love Commission [Mas…]