vijaiparadiseA delicious Mexican New Year Dinner Buffet is a mere ௹250 (rupees) (~$3.75) at Hotel Vijai Paradise,  a government classified two-star business class hotel with two banquet halls and bar located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Try the “Mexican Spicy Chicken (Gravy)”!

Here’s the complete menu: [Mas…]

bigfoodmap Here’s an idea. Let’s decide what is the best food in each of the United Estates and make a big infographic.

What? Is that the voice of (Day of the) Dead Steve Jobs? What’s that, Steve? There’s a map for that?

Coming in at Numero Tres is a puro Califas burrito, known to non-locals as a “Misson Burrito.” Yes, I’m on a mission — I want a carne asada burrito ahorita:


New Mexico gets in the Top Ten with a stacked enchilada with green (Hatch, natch) chile: [Mas…]

In Florida, where killers have fan clubs and bath salts lose face, there’s been some commotion about the menu at Lola’s Burrito Joint, which featured the Wetback Willie Burrito, Dirty Sanchez Crab and No Papers Shrimp.