In the southwestern Mexican state of Michoacan, the Hernandez Garcia family takes local clay and water and transforms it into stunning glazed pottery, just like their ancestors before them. [Video by Mariano Rentería Garnica.]

Mexican Handcraft Masters/COPPER from Mariano Rentería Garnica shows Abono Punzo and his crew hard at work making beautiful, functional artifacts from waste copper in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan.

In Michoacan, Mexico, the town of Paracho de Verduzcoo has a unique claim to fame. Many in the town of 30,000 — known as the “Guitar Capital of Mexico” — make their living crafting guitars. The streets are lined with shops featuring some of the most beautiful guitars in the world. Director Andre Arevalo met a guitar maker from Paracho and asked him a few questions about the past, present and future of guitar making in his pueblo.

We’ve asked for his name and the name of his shop so we can give him props.

While we’re waiting for that info, and in celebration of the artisans of music, here’s an unsolicited plug for a POCHO amigo just like that who doesn’t know about this: [Mas…]

al-pastor-logoHis father wanted him to stay in Michoacan, work on the family farm, and do construction, but Raul Morales crossed over from Mexico at 17 to pursue his culinary dreams. Now, at 44, he’s his own boss, and a master of tacos al pastor. “Chef Al Pastor” was interviewed at his Los Angeles restaurant Taqueria Vista Hermosa.

That’s why they call him the Gunfather.

Mexican priest Jesus Alfredo Gallegos Lara packed a Colt .45 pistol beneath his vestments Saturday as he celebrated mass at a church in Chucandiro, Michoacan.

RUPTLY reports: [Mas…]

That awkward moment when you review footage of a January 6 encounter between gangsters and Federales in Michoacan and you notice a spherical, metallic OVNI/UFO hovering overhead.

Michoacán tornado home video: ‘¡No manches!’ (NSFW)

by ROD ESTERLING March 31, 2014 Doomsday Countdown
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A tornado hit the town of Tangancicuaro in the Mexican state of Michoacán on March 22, damaging over 250 homes. This unedited, single-take home video features great play-by-play voiceover while the camera documents flying chonies and other debris. And enjoy the narrator’s colorful vulgar interjections! [NSFW Spanish audio.]


Valentine’s Day means fireworks in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico (video)

by CANDI S. DANDI February 14, 2013 Cultura
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YouTuber Brenda Dziedzic describes her video: …Valentine celebration at the cathedral in the colonial town of Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. In Morelia, Valentine’s Day is a really big holiday. Everyone and all the businesses celebrate.