Austin already claims the breakfast taco as a signature dish. But can a taco filled with TORTILLA CHIPS uphold the city’s honor? “Taco journalists” Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece — reporting for IndieLens Storycast — find out that refried beans are “the Mexican mayonnaise.”

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Keep an ear out for POCHO amigas Mariachi Las Coronelas in the video.]

Hungerlust: The Migas Breakfast Tacoo takes us to Austin, Texas, called by many the American home of the breakfast taco. Veracruz All Natural Tacos doubles down for breakfast by filling their freshly-made corn tortillas with MIGAS — the homestyle breakfast dish that combines leftover fried tortillas with eggs, cheese and salsa. What could be malo? [Video by Mark Choi.]