clothheadlineAntonin Scalia was the King of Judicial Jiggery-Pokery — until he was taken from us at the mean old age of 74.

His spirited defense of torture, based on something he saw Jack Bauer do on television’s 24, was truly his finest hour. [Mas…]

Do you have a TV? Do you like to drink beer? Good for you, idiot — you have met the minimum requirements for sports fandom. But how do smart people drink and yell at the screen (often at the same time)? Watch and learn.


speakenglish(PNS reporting from AUSTIN) The Lone Star State’s leading export — hateful white men — has reached new levels this year.

According to report released Friday by the Economic Institute of Texas, A Texas Export Snapshot, Texas consistently leads the nation in the export of hateful, misogynistic white men who also run state legislatures.

Texas exported 20% more TPCs (Texas Political Conservatives) in the first half of 2013 than than in the first two quarters of last year, with the trend continuing to accelerate. Over 11,000 TPCs have left Texas since January, they say. [Mas…]