nuevo_paradigmafOut with the old paradigms, in with the new. Argentina’s (EntrepreneursNews) explains:

Un nuevo paradigma es el comienzo de un nuevo camino, una nueva forma de hacer las cosas. Generalmente un nuevo paradigma no va a hacer inmediatamente más eficientes todos los procesos al 100%, pero si mejor el modelo que está remplazando.

It is not our responsibility to finish the work of perfecting the world, but we are not free to desist from it either. [Click on the image to enlarge.] [Mas…]

When you compete for LIKEs and LOLs online, virtual Sticks and Stones can hurt like real body blows and peer pressure can be painful to resist. This Canadian video reveals one easy trick that can help you break on through to the sunshine of your love.

“To live outside the law you must be honest,” Bob Dylan wrote. For two guys crossing into the U.S. from Mexico without papers, that’s easier said than done.


In Los Angeles, an immigrant single mom tries to teach her son to do the right thing, but talk is cheap when the rent is due tomorrow and your only income is as an unlicensed street vendor. What would you do when it all came down to The Second Choice?

Short film by Alberto Belli. Spanglish with English subtitles.