bathroomPeople have been writing on bathroom walls as long as there have been bathrooms with walls, and writing. But Jahaziel Galicia, a young Mexican artist living and working in New York City, has raised the bar. He turned the walls of his bathroom into a mural — drawn with pencils. [Mas…]

LiveLeak’s Jeffrey Barber has some serious warnings for you guys so listen up, K?

The pulsating you can see on this desk are YOYO NIOPION. These are extraterrestrial termites. They voraciously consumer not only wood, but everything. I mean EVERYTHING! but stone. They eat glass, steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, but most of all, they like, lithium. They thrive on lithium.

The two places that lithium is big in our reality are batteries, and in our brains. The YOYO NIOPION eat both of these things.

Scary, right? You don’t know the half of it! [Mas…]

desaparecidosOver at FUSION, Rafa Fernandez De Castro curated a nice photo gallery of street art in Mexico DF — beautiful and haunting and angry. Here are some of the photos she found that we especially liked. [Mas…]

Italian artist MISTERTHOMS paints a mural in Italy.

Venice, California artist Christina Angelina and friends recently painted a massive mural on an apartment building wall in downtown Los Angeles. Here’s how they did it.


LA’s Edward James Olmos/Jaime Escalante mural (video)

by Lucida Grandé April 11, 2014 Cultura
Thumbnail image for LA’s Edward James Olmos/Jaime Escalante mural (video)

Michael Montenegro takes us to MacArthur Park in Los Angeles to see the gigantic mural of an iconic public school teacher — Jaime Escalante — and the actor who portrayed him in Stand and Deliver, the homie Edward James Olmos. PREVIOUSLY ON TEACHERS:


Students create gigantic portrait of Cesar Chavez from 5500 dominos

by Andalé Mono April 24, 2012 Cartoons
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San Diego students used dominos to create a huge Cesar Chavez mural and installed it over the weekend in Chicano Park. NBC San Diego’s Gitzel Puente reports: It took 5,500 domino pieces, 40 students and six weeks to create this piece of art. Students and staff from O’Farrell Community School started this mural using blueprints, […]