El Santo, the Vimeo description says, is a “Real New-Mexican Story for Real Lovers.” We’ve watched it a buncha times and were not sure what it means or if we are one of those “real lovers” in the intended audience, but we like what we see. [Video by K48 PRODUCTIONS … in Milano of all places.] Also, be careful of strangely glowing cocktails with with bugs inside.

Newly-released NASA Mars Curiosity rover photos reveal truth about chemtrails on the Red Planet and alien UFO wreckage from the craft used to kill JFK and bring down the Twin Towers and spread space gluten and vaccine-borne autism.

The Inquistor reports: [Mas…]

Is this a video of the legendary goat-sucking El Chupacabra – or what’s left of the critter – floating dead in a river in Paraguay?

The Daily Mail reports:

The decomposed body of a humanoid figure has washed up in a stream in Paraguay – and terrified locals believe it to be mythical vampire-like creature Chupacabra. [Mas…]

Holy Spaghetti Monster! The cryptozoological mystery of the elusive Mexican Bigfoot has been solved at last, courtesy Mark Anders.


missingplanewThe Argentinean Air Force Douglas DC4, TC-48, took off from Howard AFB in Panama on Nov. 3, 1965 with 68 on board — nine crewmembers and 59 cadets from the 31st class of the Military Aviation School. It was supposed to be their last training flight before graduation.

The so-called “cadet flight” was never seen again.

Will a new search expedition have better luck?

Inexplicata explains: [Mas…]

pochlandiawidealertstatus(PNS reporting from the EAST LOS ANGELES) Pocholandia security officials issued a terrorist alert this morning prompted by the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 over the Gulf of Thailand or the Strait of Malacca or wherever that shit happened, yo.

“I am alerting you terrorist pendejos. Stay the hell out of East Los! said spokesman Gustavo “Little Lalo” Madrigal of the Minivan Crips, a volunteer neighborhood watch group.

“The AMERICAN ME ORANGE ALERT is the second highest alert classification used by the Pocholandia Security Advisory System, bitches, so watchale!” he added.

Graphics by Victor Payan via Hollywood Sign Generator and Personal Threat Level.


A message on ‘El Contestador (The Answering Machine)’ (NSFW video)

by Barney Asada December 26, 2013 Cultura
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WTF? It’s an old answering machine — a gift from Mom — with a disturbing voicemail message from Abuelita. What to do? [NSFW adult language en Espanish.]


Cupquake’s mysterious and alluring Dia de Los Muertos makeup video

by Lucida Grandé October 25, 2012 Cultura
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What is she wearing? And who are those dudes in the background?