cucaxmascard1 [Mas…]

É Arenas, bass player for Chicano Batman, cooks up some cumbia for Christmas in this new song
Buñuelos a Monton, and he includes all your favorite fiesta Mexmas specialties: [Mas…]

The 2013 video Do You Like My Decorations gets a fandub translation into Español and it’s way funnier, we think. [Mas…]

Hello! Is Tia Lencha here! Merry Chrismas! Today I teash you to make the Three Kings Bread, ju know, the one with the Baby Jesus in it? Jes, tha one.

I haf many things to celebrate this Chrismas, m’ijo get good grades, he has good healthy, he still helps me put my recipes on the google, and oso, Tia Lencha has a novio. Jes, a new one. Don’t jodge. His name is Axl Rosen. He is a Jewish. He didn’t know what the Three Kings Bread is, so I make for him. [Mas…]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Navidad (toon)

by HABLO PICASSO December 6, 2013 Cartoons
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El Santo Claus is just one of many cool images by POCHO amigo El Rey Del Art. Check out El Rey’s Zazzle store for more! PREVIOUSLY ON EL REY DEL ART: