nuevo_paradigmafOut with the old paradigms, in with the new. Argentina’s (EntrepreneursNews) explains:

Un nuevo paradigma es el comienzo de un nuevo camino, una nueva forma de hacer las cosas. Generalmente un nuevo paradigma no va a hacer inmediatamente más eficientes todos los procesos al 100%, pero si mejor el modelo que está remplazando.

It is not our responsibility to finish the work of perfecting the world, but we are not free to desist from it either. [Click on the image to enlarge.] [Mas…]

TacoFix, a new family Mexican restaurant that opened just yesterday (Wednesday) in L.A.’s Highland Park neighborhood, promises they’ll soon be delivering tacos by drone. Watch this proof-of-concept video where a drone makes a delivery to a customer — a hungry guy who just happens to live at 420 Someplace Street. God Bless America.


Even in Santa Ana, Orange County, Califas (it’s actually “Santana,” Gustavo Arellano notes), the Latino-controlled city council dislikes taco trucks. To find out why, it seems prudent to once again ¡Ask A Mexican!

You say you don’t want to hear the same old sounds? Then you’ll like this new track from OuternationalFuture Rock — produced by RATM’s Tom Morello. And we’ve got lyrics: [Mas…]

raspawar (PNS reporting from EDINBURG, TX) Eddie’s Raspas, the sunny yellow shack out on Sprague, used to be the place to be on a scorching Valley afternoon.

“People would come from all around and say, ‘Eddie, which of your five delicious flavors shall I have today?’” Eddie Cardenas recalled fondly. “It was great.”

Until six weeks ago, that is, when an electric-blue trailer moved in across the street.

Cardenas said that newcomer Chuy’s Famous Raspas is stealing his business, and shaming the shaved ice industry as a whole.

“It’s trashy,” he said, speaking over the pop music coming from the nearby trailer. “You give people so many flavor options, they feel paralyzed! Now I’m hearing whispers about burritos and Frito pies? It’s war, I’m telling you. [Mas…]


tvingtavTired of jacking cars? Committed enough crimes for today? Come on home, sit on the couch, spark a blunt and learn everyday Spanish with Paco the Taco, new on Grand Theft Auto 5 TV.

WTF? Your cable company doesn’t carry GTA5? Huh? You have a Glock, don’t do you? This is Los Santos, holmes.

Take a look at these exclusive screen grabs to see how Paco the Taco makes learning Espanol easy AND fun!

pacothetaco [Mas…]

When Xenia Rubinos gets going, she’s a ‘Whirlwind’ (music video)

by MOON GUAC May 7, 2013 Cultura
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She’s a Puerto Rican-Cuban singing pocha from Connecticut and no one makes music with the intensity she does. Here’s the latest from the astounding Xenia Rubinos — Whirlwind.


Flash*Back: The day Shakira went to McDonald’s (video)

by Soy Capitan January 23, 2013 Cultura
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Felicidades to new mom Shakira! No more McDonald’s drive-thru window for you! (Video by Roberta Valderrama.) MORE ROBERTA VALDERRAMA:


Is this the new iPhone 5 AKA iPhone La Raza?

by HERB DERP September 12, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from SILICON VALLEY) Apple fanboys, Wall Street, tech geeks and Samsung engineers are eagerly awaiting Apple’s announcement of a new iPhone model today, and some inside sources are predicting a breakthrough product aimed at the growing Latino market. The iPhone 5 — code-named iPhone La Raza — is said to include these new […]


ICE unveils first-ever resort-style hotel for immigrant detainees

by Santino J. Rivera March 16, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEJAS) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is opening what they call the first-ever “resort-style hotel” for immigrant detainees. Critics are calling the new Karnes County (TX) Civil Detention Center a “prison for profit” but ICE is marketing it as a migrant “destination” with “vast amenities” that […]