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The country music legend Jim Reeves had a lot of big records, but we like this “half-fast” April 16, 1964 live-in-Norway version of his hit Adios Amigo. He died later that year behind the controls of a small plane that crashed in Tennessee during a violent thunderstorm. He was 40 years old.

When in Malmo, Sweden, half-way decent-looking tacos and comida Mexicana can be found at La Raza Street Food & Tacos. And if the food sucks, they have mezcal!

There’s also a Mexican grocery store, MexGrocer that looks legit. (FYI, one KRONER = 15¢): [Mas…]

In Norway, Friday night is Taco Night.

Molly Jones of the Norwegian American Weekly explains:

When it comes to Friday’s dinner plans, Norwegians seem to have one thing on their minds: tacos! The younger generations in Norway have coined the term “fredagstaco” to describe the cultural phenomenon of starting the weekend off with a serving—or two—of tacos. [Mas…]