Frijoles, as you may recall, are good for your heart, and here’s why.


(PNS reporting from BOCA RATON) Americans can stretch their dwindling food budgets and broaden their taste horizons if they’d only consider eating more insects, rats and vermin, according to Uncle Sam.

Image from the downloadable PDF

That’s the message from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which today released a report on the nutritional value of more than 700 common insects, reptiles, rodents, amphibians and spiders.

The report, Let Them Eat Snake: The Nutritional Benefits of Insects, Vermin and Household Pests, hopes to “broaden American perspectives on food in the 21st Century.”

While initial response has been one of alarm, the FDA is assuring the public that the report does not signal any pending problems with the food supply.

“There’s no reason to fear, we just want people to know that the food pyramid has a basement, and that basement is full of pests,” said FDA spokesperson Enrique Guacala. [Mas…]