truckgirlsThe French arm of Old El Paso, the Tex-Mex style food people, asked ad agency Rosbeef! to generate buzz for their new premium Restaurante brand around late Paris last year.

Rosbeef! (Slogan: We’re creative and we have common sense; how cool is that!?) came up with a marketing combo plate of an Old El Paso Restaurante taco truck, taco selfies and the hashtag #1PHOTOPOUR1TACO. Share a photo with the hashtag, they said, and get a free taco made with El Paso stuff and a digital coupon to buy El Paso products at the market. ¡Que rico! Ooh la la tambien aussi!

Here’s the “case study” video: [Mas…]

trejotortillaOld El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff Tortillas — shaped like oblong bowls — are tortillas for people who can’t manage the folding and/or rolling demanded by traditional tortilla applications. While we ❤️ Danny Trejo and can’t fault him for wanting to make an honest buck, we have to ask, “Who eats this crap?” PRO TIP: Machete don’t cook. [Mas…]