pacific northwest

Training Video – Breakfast Burrito from Oregon restaurant chain Elmer’s Restaurants. We checked the menu on the website but they don’t list this item. Is it new, do you think? Also it appears that there are both potatoes INSIDE the burrito (the first two ingredients look like bacon and taters) and a block of hash browns on the plate. HWUT?

star-wars-indian-art-8Artist Scott Erickson re-imagines Star Wars iconography in the style of the natives of the Pacific Northwest:


We each live out our lives, as an amalgam of intertwined narratives, rooted both in chance and intention, influenced heavily by our environment. The Northwest’s distinctive sense of place, stems significantly from the visual gifts of the Indigenous Tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Juxtaposed against a modernizing landscape, their sacred icons are pervasive as rain, depicting narratives as much from long ago, as they are from right here and now. [Mas…]