Hey kids! Here comes the Mexican ice cream man! Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band know what’s cool. In Spanglish!


El Paletero is the newest edition to my contemporary codices series. The series asks if we were still creating codices like our ancestors what would they look like? What would our community look like?

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omarAfter we published our shocking story about a missing El Paso paletero, a real-life former ice cream man reached out to POCHO on Facebook.

Jonathan Omar Ramirez (Facebook profile pic, right) had been a teenage paletero, he said. We asked him for his story:

POCHO: So what led you to become a paletero?

Well my friends from high school told me about it. Many did it before and they said there was a lot of cash involved and within a couple of hours of work. Also I was very poor.

POCHO: Was this right after high school?

No [it was] while I was in high school. Still I got money to go to the movies and for food or whatever I wanted to buy

POCHO: Wow, cool! So were you allowed to eat your own ice cream? Did you just have to pay it back? [Mas…]

paletero01(PNS reporting from EL PASO) The Montezuma Street kids met Tuesday evening, at “their tree,” the oak next to Mrs. Moreno’s house.

It was still light out on the longest day of the year, and they could have kept on bike riding, but they needed an answer, and they needed it quick.

Where, everyone wanted to know, was the Paletero Man? [Mas…]

paletero640(PNS reporting from WALL STREET) Summer has begun baking the country, and that means just one thing on Wall Street: A steep rise in the value of paleta stocks.

“We all look forward to a seasonal bump in the iced treats sector.  This year, Navidad came early,” said Alexander Wiseman, a desserts and novelty/snack food analyst for investment bank Barney, Smith & Locke.

“The paletas de coco seem to be particularly big sellers thus far, but more conservative investors are sticking with the time-tested favorites, such as fresa and limón. Ah, nothing really cools you down like a lime paleta,” he told PNS. [Mas…]

Ramiro J. Gomez is a West Hollywood installation artist who makes and places cardboard avatars of immigrant laborers around Southern California’s richer neighborhoods; his mission is to make normally invisible people visible, if just for a short time.

Monday around 4:30 Gomez was busy populating the cardboard labor force on Beverly Hills‘ famed shopping street, Rodeo Drive, where it’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas — Beverly Hills style, that is. Weather? Sunny, with temperatures in the low to mid 60s ℉.

Here’s what he posted on Facebook:

Finished with the cardboard installation spree today. My heart inevitably was racing, especially when I placed the cutouts on busy Rodeo Dr. but that is the most liberating and rewarding aspect of my project, the ability to go in plain sight and creatively make a statement.

Eloisa is the elote seller, Rodrigo is the paletero, and Mayra is the woman with the balloons. Here’s the view from Gomez’ camera: [Mas…]

Sure was hot over the weekend! How hot was it?

by Gabriel Tellez Jr. September 17, 2012 Cartoons
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Sure was hot outside Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo this weekend in Los Angeles. How hot was it? It was so hot even Superman needed to see the paletero man.


Superhero Video: The Adventures of Paleta Man (Parts 1 & 2)

by Comic Saenz March 31, 2012 Cultura
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The Adventures of Paleta Man is the story of an ice cream man who becomes a superhero. And this video — hold on now — is an adaptation of a coloring book based on the Paleta Man screenplay by independent writer/filmmaker Paul Ramirez of Austin, TX. The video is best when played fullscreen. The plot: […]


Ñewsweek: New Mexico wants tourists — light-skinned tourists

by Comic Saenz March 25, 2012 El Now
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This POCHO ñewsweek is brought to you in living — and dying — color. In the Southwest, New Mexico’s tourist board is casting a commercial to promote visits to the state. Who do they want to play the tourists in their commercial? “Caucasians and light-skinned Hispanics.” And in the Southeast, Florida cowers in the Spotlight […]


Pocho Ocho signs the paletero is on steroids

by Al Carlos Hernandez March 13, 2012 Cultura
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8. Can outrun a G 55 AMG Mercedes with his church shoes on. 7. Takes the freeway to work with three dudes riding on the top of push cart. 6. Works downtown but has lunch in Mexico.