pastriesGot your cafecito ready? Sit down at the mesa and enjoy delicious fracturas from Argentina and sweet quesadillas from Ecuador. [Mas…]

cactuscupcakes640Alana Jones-Mann’s DIY: House Plant Cupcakes (photo) were the first to prick our interest when we saw them last week, so we went on a quest for more cactus cupcake photos. (Alana, by the way, is unsurpassed in capturing the true desaturated green-blue color nuances of actual cacti.)

This succulent-looking delectable is on via Lola T.: [Mas…]

Sara Inés Calderón — @SaraChicaD on Twitter — invites you to join her for breakfast in Highland Park. Care for a cafecito and some pan dulce? No photos! [This Vine video has sound. Click on the speaker icon in the top left of the image.]

At 7:35 AM all Marta wanted was her regular coffee and pastry at the local cafe. But this morning was different.