Hey, Ortiz! This ruca is looking for you:

I shouldn’t even be thinking of you let alone dreaming of you. But i did the dream was so vivid i woke up in shock. I know you busy rocking the senior citizen center and seaworld. i just thought it be a boost to your ego.So i decided to post. p.s i would have never called your penis little and honestly had no idea you were popping viagra.

This ruca is NOT looking for you: [Mas…]

brooklyn(PNS reporting from BROOKLYN) Bank loan officer Leticia Martinez dumped her almost boyfriend Uriel Loya and kicked him out of the house after their first full-on sexual encounter Sunday night.

“He was saying he was gonna give it to me, and that I ain’t never seen nothing like this, and all that bullshit. Ugh! So lame!” Martinez, 25, lamented to PNS.

“Why do guys always have to lie about how big their pipis are?!”

Loya, 28, an architect, was quiet after leaving Martinez’s rent-controlled apartment, shivering, pacing on the sidewalk, looking up at her window, hoping she would give him a chance to explain. [Mas…]