Artist, photographer and activist Zoe Leonard wrote “I want a dyke for president” in 1992. Rapper Mykki Blanco delivered the word in this new video.

Here’s the text: [Mas…]


Orange County poet and activist Marilynn Montaño’s poem His Machucada Hands is a “testament to the ways that being undocumented has taken a physical toll on her father’s body. The title, she said, came from noticing his hands on the steering wheel every morning as he drove her to middle and high school,” according to the PBS News Hour. [Mas…]

Famed Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco De Lucia just shreds in this version of the classic Tico Tico. RIP.

Dorian Wood is a Los Angeles-based avant garde (“alternative” is not a big enough word) composer and performer who publishes his own compositions via a company called Why Are You Doing This Music which maybe gives you a hint of what to expect from his self-produced album Rattle Rattle. This version of the Echo Park homie’s original song La Cara Infinta (on the album) was recorded live on July 5 at the MorYork Gallery in L.A. That’s Ms. Eddika Organista on guest vocals. Just wow.

You want more, right? Here’s the complete audio for Rattle Rattle: [Mas…]

Comedian Jose Barrientos‘s fake Mexican accent was so convincing he had his entire Speech 101 class fooled, except for this one blonde woman (she claimed later.) (NSFW audio.)

Tierra ‘Together’ live 2006 (TGIF music video)

by Comic Saenz January 13, 2012 Cultura
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TGIF Music Video, dedicated to all you lovers out there! Tierra – an offshoot of El Chicano – had their greatest hit with a remake of this Philly Soul classic Together. The sensuous vocals, slick horn arrangements and hypnotic groove make this extended live performance something special. And a big shout out to thee one […]