I’ve never understood antisemitism.

As a Mexican-American man with little exposure to Jewish people up until college, that hate always seemed like one group of white people discriminating another group of white people for no good reason.

I never understood why if our country went to war against the Nazis in World War II, we would have Americans that would act like the enemy.

We are supposed to be the heroes, not the villains. [Mas…]

A Russian voiceover lauds the tacos at Las Palmas in Pittsburgh, PA, which seems to be pretty legit, at least on Yelp. Why is the narration in Russian? Get used to it, covfefe!

Jello Biafra, colorful frontman of legendary punks The Dead Kennedys, joins Napalm Death for a new version of Nazi Punks, F*** Off dedicated to Donald Trump, the alt-white, and their racist supporters. Biafra calls it Nazi Trumps F*** Off. This video is from a 2016 gig at Slim’s in San Francisco.  [MASSIVE F-BOMBARDMENT NSFW.]

[Disclosure: In the early 1990s, I sold my white Pontiac LeMans with the 326 engine and the two-speed automatic to the Dead Kennedy’s road manager. You’re welcome.]

Leftist loonies like Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela don’t much like criticism or mockery (i.e., reality) so they throttle creative freedom.

Israel Centeno, who fled the Venezuelan Bolivarian socialist paradise, is among the exiled writers who have found a safe place to live and write in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Latino USA’s Erika Beras brings us the writers’ stories: [Mas…]