COCO and Black Panther are a double watershed moment in Hollywood film history. [Mas…]

Where have all the brown folks gone?

I sit at a bar and I count how many are like me, I count two in a room of 30, one is a bar back Latinx and one is an African American bartender, I’ve done this since I realized that I am the other, and I need to find allies quick, in case shit goes down, in case there’s a race war

I order thai food from a food truck and the señor making the food could be my primo, while the Asian owner takes my order [Mas…]

R&B singer Miguel and beloved Mexican icon Natalia Lafourcade join forces on Coco’s signature song Remember Me.

This is how they begin the story about POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz and the Disney/Pixar film COCO over at NPR’s LatinoUSA: [Mas…]