political correctness


Ground-breaking standup comedian George Carlin is all in favor of free speech, but thinks the best comedy comes from punching up, not punching down, and that means not mocking gays, immigrants, women, and other vulnerable minorities. [Mas…]

In the future, Latinas like Sofia Vergara won’t be able to make fun of themselves on TV shows like SNL because it would be politically incorrect. Oh wait — that’s happening now!

Here’s a Philadelphia blogger’s unfocused anti-Sofia rant we find perplexing: [Mas…]

ESPN? Oh no you you di'nt!

Chinese-American NBA rookie superstar Jeremy Lin has famously inspired some silly and fun “Lin-sane” punnery.

ESPN editor Anthony Federico penned a controversial Lin-spired headline (screencapture, right) that used the word “chink,” as in “Chink In The Armor” and got fired for writing a dopey racist headline and/or for being lazy and publishing the first crappy thing that popped into his mind.

POCHO contributor Edward Rueda has created this series of Caption Chingazos featuring an array of Caucasian athletes, with the modest proposal:

What if white athletes had to deal with Lin-sensitive media headlines? [Mas…]