Training Video – Breakfast Burrito from Oregon restaurant chain Elmer’s Restaurants. We checked the menu on the website but they don’t list this item. Is it new, do you think? Also it appears that there are both potatoes INSIDE the burrito (the first two ingredients look like bacon and taters) and a block of hash browns on the plate. HWUT?


Drummer David Jacobo is a SoCal pocho (Sylmar/Van Nuys/East Los) who works as an educator with special need kids in Portland. Guitarist Cassi Blum. from Reno, Nevada via the East Coast, is a PDX barista.

Together for just six months, the two kick it old school Black Flag style as indie punk band Tallwomen. POCHO’s Punk Rock Artesano Junco Canché gives them “5 liberty spikes out of 5.” [Mas…]

harrygrayIn this week’s Episode #74 of Entrepod, the podcast for wannabe entrepreneurs, host Adam Buckholtz (photo) speaks with Bay Area entrepreneur Genesee Flashpan.

She’s flushed with pride about WePupy — a new app that wipes “the sharing economy” and sanitizes it for your protection.

When you have to go, you have to go, and WePupy makes it easy to leave your cares behind at carefully curated facilities near you. [Mas…]

Competitive eater Molly Schuyler (all 125 pounds of her) takes on “the world’s hottest burrito” at Allan’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant in PDX. Can she show the same competitive spirit and stamina that helped her finish a 72-ounce steak in a previous webisode? The 2-pound “wet” Diablo Burrito is filled with rice, beans and habanero, serrano, Bhut Jolokia, Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion chiles. Allan challenges patrons to finish the $20 burrito bomb in 10 minutes to win the acclaim of the nation and get their burrito money back.

Aaron, who produced Molly’s Diablo Burrito web video, needed over 8 minutes when he tried to finish the Diablo Burrito himself: [Mas…]

wholefoodshipster(PNS reporting from PORTLAND) Mario Rojas grew up in a tough Chicago barrio, but since he moved here for college he’s gotten soft, according his friends and family. His old street cred is gone, they worry, and he doesn’t resemble the Mario they used to know.

“He’s all into that hipster shit, organic and whatever, qué es eso? Organic ni nada, ponte a trabajar!” said Rojas’ father, Mario Sr., when contacted by PNS.

Eating a gluten-free alfalfa sprout and chevre cheese taco on an organic blue corn tortilla — and then getting tagged in an Instagram photo by his friend Maggie — didn’t helped Mario Jr.’s reputation either. Until the stylized photographic foul-up, Rojas kept his family in the dark by never sharing pictures of his newly-grown beard, clothes, or food preferences. [Mas…]

eBay ‘sniper’ outbids local man for ‘Chola Low Riders’ pulp magazine

by MING SANS MERCI February 6, 2013 Cultura
Thumbnail image for eBay ‘sniper’ outbids local man for ‘Chola Low Riders’ pulp magazine

(PNS reporting from PDX) Area collector Reynaldo “Ronnie” Morales’ heart was broken Sunday night when a last-minute auction bid from an eBay “sniper” pushed the coveted September 1953 issue of Amazing Future Tales out of his grasp and into the arms of another. The sniper killed Morale’s chances with a $37.83 winning bid. Morales had […]