¡Orale! With the help of this colorful infographic we now understand the taxonomy of Comida Mexicana. The tortilla is connected to the maiz bone, the chalupa is connected to the tortilla bone…

[Thanks to PICTOLINE on Facebook for the infographic.]

(PNS reporting from MEXICO DF) Farmers, activists, students, scientists and foodies organized a Carnival of Corn in Mexico City over the weekend to protest  genetically-engineered corn being forced into the food supply by corporations specifically like Monsanto.

GMO corn, which is short for GITMO, or Guantanamo Corn, carries a gene designed to kill insects if eaten and hold people hostage to the St. Louis-based Monsanto Corporation.

Monsanto’s “Roundup-Ready” corn has been approved as feed for animals but not humans. Studies have shown that the human body is not be able to digest a key protein in this killer corn.

Monsanto’s killer corn first made headlines when it was accidentally used to make taco shells for Taco Bell in 2000.

“Eating this corn caused digestive problems, cramping, spasms, allergic reactions and even night blindness,” said Coronel Ben Enoso of the FDA’s Genetic Corn Division. “Unfortunately, this made it pretty hard to distinguish from regular Taco Bell food.” [Mas…]

For the fluids and electrolytes a hard-working vato needs plus the secret power of tripa and posole — it’s Menudorade! In grocery and convenience stores now.

We all know it’s coming. It’s only Thursday, but THE WEEKEND is right ahead of us — a sign post up ahead that spells PARTY. And somebody is gonna get her drink on.

If that means you, perhaps we can help with the Pocho Ocho cures for your hangover (la cruda.)

8. Menudo. In my social circles, menudo is the go–to method for scaring away that nasty cruda. The power of the Aztec gods? Meat? Corn? Who knows why, but word has it that it works.

7. More alcohol! Hair of the dog, as it were. This method is perhaps one of the oldest cures for cruda. Does it work? [Mas…]