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Papas is a short video by DFW, Texas creator German Torres. He explains it much better than we can: [Mas…]

Home fries, red onions, cream sauce and Pont-L’Evêque cheese are the stars of this one-minute recipe video for “tacos” from Elle&Vire, a diary conglomerate in France’s Normandy region. But this begs the critical tortilla-based question: Corn or wheat? Also note that they call tortillas “galettes fajitas,” which translates as fajita pancakes. Unclear on the concept, n’est-ce pas? On the other hand, since they want you to heat the assembled dish on a griddle at 400° for five minutes, and then fold it up, it’s actually a potato quesadilla. Or something.

In San Diego, your basic carne asada burrito comes with French fries inside. They call it a “California Burrito,” because that’s how they roll.


Why does San Diego think its burritos are California’s best? It’s because they have French fries inside, at least according to the Zagat restaurant guide people.

Nicole Presley smashes up potatoes and barbacoa for a scary MexiCanadian Halloween recipe. Kids: You SHOULD try this at home!


Nom nom nom: Chile verde con puerco y papas (video)

by Barney Asada August 26, 2013 Cultura
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Nicole Presley is joined by a foul-mouthed Vieja Chile Verde who would rather be using a molcajete than a blender as they make pork with green chiles and potatoes. Presley explains: