I always knew that we Chicano men were devious but I never realized just how much. I must admit I have always been the weak-willed type as far as temptation goes, but these past holidays really brought out the worst in me.

I was busy petting my dog named Vato, right before Christmas, when I accidentally hosed down la suegra just as I was finishing watering the lawn. Good thing I was leaving for work.

I heard her say as I was leaving, “¡Desgraciado, hijo de la chi…..! So I quickly drove off. But as I did, I heard her shout out to my wife, “I told you he was evil! How, can I go to Mass all wet, and I wanted so much to show off my new Sunday dress to all my friends.”

Needless to say, I’m glad I left the house rather quickly. Have you ever seen two angry Chicanas gang up on one innocent Chicano? Well, it’s not pretty. [Mas…]

That’s why they call him the Gunfather.

Mexican priest Jesus Alfredo Gallegos Lara packed a Colt .45 pistol beneath his vestments Saturday as he celebrated mass at a church in Chucandiro, Michoacan.

RUPTLY reports: [Mas…]

This week on MiJA, I get into the Easter spirit while Google pisses a bunch of people off. Also, I don my pink rubber gloves and prove that you’re never too young for senior moments.

Happy Easter!

Oh sure, the MTV spot looks like your average Lame Stream Media pandering Christmas-related promo — until you look a little bit closer. Then you see that it’s really a commercial for the Devil!