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Mr. Natural’s 719th Meditation by R. Crumb was first published as a comic in 1970. Crumb created ZAP Comix and is the artist behind 60s and 70s memes like Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, and Keep On Truckin. This new YouTube version of the strip adds music and sound effects.

Cuban ballet dancers who recently defected from their troupe in Mexico and now live in Miami are “amazed at how many foods come canned and can be easily heated up in a microwave,” according to the Associated Press.

Canned foods! But wait, there’s mas. Here are the Pocho Ocho other things about the U.S. that also surprised our new island immigrants:

8. Studebaker, DeSoto, Willys and Nash are out of the automobile business

7. America’s most famous Cuban? Mark Cuban

6. Fidel is a sofa bed mogul and Che sells t-shirts [Mas…]

In the beginning, the spacebrothers created the Heaven and the Planet Earth, and they saw that it was good. Later on, Man came along and screwed stuff up big time. Verily.

Happy International Women’s Day from Flight of the Conchords (video)

by Lucida Grandé March 8, 2012 Cultura
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Flight of the Conchords: Ladies of the World. The fellas want the world to put down that rifle and pick up a woman! In Bolivia! And Namibia! Actually, International Women’s Day is serious business, and here’s a good summary from Fox Latino (of all places!). Bottom line, according to Fox’s Mariela Dabbah? There’s lots to […]