At the memorial service in Charleston, S.C. for the victims of a white wing racist terrorist, Barack Obama, the last real President of the United States, joined the congregation of mourners. What he did on that day became a song by Zoe Mulford, performed here by Xicana OG activist Joan Baez and animated in pastel watercolors by Jeff Scher. [EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s OK to cry.]

Video via The Atlantic.

dignidadlaloWhen I first applied to UCLA, I wrote in my personal essay that I didn’t have any positive role models in my violent neighborhood.

Having grown up in East Los Angeles’ Ramona Gardens housing project, I wrote that most of the adults represented gang members, drug dealers, thieves, tecatos (heroin addicts), alcoholics, felons and high school dropouts (or push-outs). I also wrote about my disdain for housing authority officials and government workers for behaving like prison wardens and guards toward us: project residents who depended on government aid or welfare.

Moreover, I decried the police abuse that I had witnessed and experienced, like the time when a cop pointed a gun at me. My crime: being a 15-year-old making a rolling stop while learning how to drive. [Mas…]

Live from her bedroom, California-native high school senior Allison Reyes explains the heartaches and joys of Being Hispanic. SPOILER: If she had to do it all over again, she wouldn’t change a thing.

We missed Brown and Proud when the San Francisco band Los Mocosos released this tune in 1998 — 15 pinche years ago! That’s why it’s on repeat today.

Thanks to Texano78704 for the tip: [Mas…]

Hands off my lady parts, you GOP pervs. My vag is awesome! (NSFW adult lyrics.)

And from Favianna Rodriguez, this NSFW poster… [Mas…]