Film-festival favorite Cuerdas en la vida – Ropes in Life reminds us that we are in charge of our own freedom. This Jalisco-born stop-motion video has a killer concept, startling models/marionettes, amazing live action and sound integration, plus pinpoint pacing. [Directed by Gerardo González Pérez.]

vatoselenaEast Los vatos Smiley and Chuy still have a soft spot for Selena, 20 years after her tragic passing. Or is it Salinas? [Mas…]

Working out is hard to do, as Hey Vato! homie Chuy pumps iron and homie Smiley ponders irony in a backyard in the barrio. (NSFW language.)

Hey Vato! stars “two puppet cholos who have discussions about everyday “hood” issues and question their ghetto instincts,” director Juan Rodriguez emails. In the first episode, the “struggle within” captures the boys’ attention. Chuy (on the left) is in the jersey and Smiley is wearing the Pendleton. Ralph Waldo Emerson is also involved. (NSFW language.)