When the pinche Impala isn’t available to drive to the car show, actors Daniel Villarreal and Danny De La Paz, aka Big Puppet and Lil Puppet of American Me, use their elite Method Acting skills to turn a minivan into The Ranfla. [Mas…]

Un mensaje importante de Bernardo Sánchez, Bernie Sanders’ Mexican hermano. He’s Catholic. He’s Jewish. He’s a Cashjew. He’s NSFW.

And what would Bernie TV be without Larry David’s SNL sketch Bern Your Enthusiasm: [Mas…]

tales_of_auto_elasticityfChris Labrooy utilizes CGI to twist everyday things into new forms. We like his cars. [Mas…]

In the formerly-Soviet Република Србија (Republic of Serbia), lowrider rides you!

I don’t consider myself a photographer but I do enjoy walking through car shows, up and down the aisles admiring the bombs, lowriders and classics and snapping a few pix while I’m there.

I photograph the rides and sometimes their owners standing beside them. I started off using the camera on my Samsung phone but it’s 3.15 megapixels proved to fall way short when I decided to try to print the images.

Compliments from friends family and Instagram followers convinced me it was time to upgrade to a real camera and take my hobby to the next level.

I began dragging my wife and kids to as many car shows as I could find and then getting home, going through the camera roll to see that day’s catch. [Mas…]