Un mensaje importante de Bernardo Sánchez, Bernie Sanders’ Mexican hermano. He’s Catholic. He’s Jewish. He’s a Cashjew. He’s NSFW.

And what would Bernie TV be without Larry David’s SNL sketch Bern Your Enthusiasm: [Mas…]

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FLA) sure drank a lot of Poland Spring® water during his Republican State of the Union rebuttal speech Tuesday night.

Here are the pocho ocho reasons the GOP’s Great Brown Hope was so thirsty:

8. He’s a pinche mojado

7. Global warming

6. He finds this bullshit hard to swallow himself [Mas…]

Oh sure old age, weakness, lack of energy, blah blah blah. From our homeboy inside the Vatican, the Jesuit formerly known as Lil Stanky, here are the Infallible VIII reasons Pope Benedict XVI really resigned:

VIII Not down with the red Gucci slippers

VII Wants to spend more time with the kids

VI Time to start his jihad against the LAPD [Mas…]

Everyone has reasons why you should vote. What are the best reasons not to?

8. That time of the month
7. I have a headache
6. I have to wash my hair [Mas…]