The Smithsonian’s Latino Virtual Museum is there as a beautiful Monarch butterfly completes its annual migration to the Sierra Madre in Mexico.



nigeltheparrotWhen he flew away from his British owner in Torrance, CA four years ago, Nigel talked with an English accent. When he returned last week, the talented African gray parrot spoke Spanish.

Here are the Pocho Ocho top phrases Nigel the Parrot picked up on his Raza Vacation:

8. No más “Nigel.” Mi nombre es “Miguel” ahora.

7. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

6. Polly quiere un Takis. [Mas…]

It’s time to pay whatever we owe to Tio Sam. In case you’re having trouble with your return, here are eight potential tax-deductible expenses you should consider, however briefly:

8. Chupacabra repellent

7. Corrective toe surgery for participation in Cumbia Olympics

6. Buzz cuts to cut down on Carbon/Cabron footprint [Mas…]