POCHO amigo Chris Garcia — a Cuban-American — is going public with the Cuban Life Hacks that turned his family’s hard life in a Commie dictatorship into Heaven on Earth, with arroz con pollo.


The Jewish celebration of Passover is a week-long Feast of Unleavened Bread, or “matzo” in Hebrew. Most Jews stick to matzo and avoid regular bread, wheat products, rice, corn, and beans. This may change, though, since an 800-year-old religious ban on rice and beans was just overturned.

Ingenious cooks over the centuries have found ways to make the most of matzo, by using sheets of softened matzo in place of lasagna noodles, for example, or transforming matzo crumbs into soup dumplings — so-called matzo balls. But what if you want a spicier treat, like nachos? Not to worry! This video from NBC’s TODAY SHOW has the recipe.

The rabbis’ rice and beans reprieve made NPR’s Maria Godoy a happy Hispanic: [Mas…]

fahhhhhce2(PNS reporting from MENLO PARK, SILICON VALLEY) In a push to make the world’s most popular social media network region-friendly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the Latin American URL for the company’s website will be changed to ElFahhhhhce.com, a decision celebrated by the 400 million users south of the U.S. border. [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from PAVAS, COSTA RICA) Jose Valdez slipped into an existential crisis Tuesday after he spent the majority of his lunch hour at a neighborhood soda staring at his untouched bowl of rice and deeply debating whether he could physically add more Salsa Lizano to his already drenched platter.

The crisis began when Valdez, 21, uncorked the plastic bottle of Costa Rica’s famous, tangy, vegetable poop-colored condiment and realized he could no longer even see the white Uncle Ben’s rice served with his casado dish, which featured other culinary innovations such as beans and breaded fish. At that point, Valdez, with his hand visibly shaking as he gripped the Lizano bottle, had what he referred to as an epiphany-like “Diay, Mae” moment. [Mas…]

America’s love affair with the burrito (a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a cylindrical shape to completely enclose the filling, according to Wikipedia) has moved the tubular tummy-buster from the kitchen to the bakery, as this burrito-styled cake demonstrates.


When you’ve got a lot left over, you need a big beautiful burrito! Jerry Springer reports.

  • This is what we figured out from the video and subtitles so far: A food program (and travel show?) from Latvian National TV called Cult Food visits Ajijic in Jalisco, MX (they call it Meksika) to learn from the locals how to make horchata. In Ajijic, the recipe includes condensed milk; Latvian TV host guy Martins Sirmais thinks it is quite delicious.
  • What we still don’t know: WTF? Horchata is big in Latvia?

elcucuy(PNS reporting from SEGUIN, TX) A nine-year-old boy killed El Cucuy Tuesday night.

El Cucuy, AKA the Mexican Boogeyman, was pronounced dead at 10:30 PM at the Balli family residence here.  The legendary monster was said to be 521, with a birth date pegged in 1492.

It was a more or less typical evening for the Balli family, according to a Guadalupe County Sheriff’s detective familiar with the case. There was no hint of the trouble to come, he said, “when boy’s parents threatened the perpetrator with El Cucuy if he didn’t brush his teeth before he went to bed.”

The youth, who turned nine July 13, refused, the officer said, so his parents summoned El Cucuy to the modest ranch-style home.

El Cucuy (file photo, above) manifested in the kid’s room around 9:40 PM, according to the investigator, and was killed during a brief firefight by “some type of particle-beam weapon” created by the boy.

The room was “a mess with comic books and plasma everywhere,” he said, and El Cucuy’s remains “looked and smelled like burnt frijoles.” [Mas…]

Welcome to the George W. Bush Presidential Library (toon)

by Lalo Alcaraz April 26, 2013 Cartoons
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Stuck with Thanksgiving leftovers? Try this big-ass burrito (video)

by SOY SEKSI November 23, 2012 Cultura
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When you’ve got a lot left over, you need a big beautiful burrito! Jerry Springer reports.


Letter to the Editor: Thank you, organic cocks/hens as appropriate

by RACHEL REINA April 16, 2012 Cultura
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This Letter to the Editor came in via our SUBMIT link. We’d like to hear from you, too! Dear organic chicken or chickens (or cocks and/or hens) who were the source of the two thighs I ate last night: Thank you for your lives. I guess it is presumptuous to write to you since we […]