My mother, Carmen, often sent me to La Paloma Market, while my brother Salomon watched I Love Lucy re-runs. We lived in East Los Angeles’ Ramona Gardens housing project, where I had to be selective about the routes I took.

Since I feared the barking dogs along the alley, I always took a shortcut through the hill that was controlled by a local gang, the Hill Boys. The homeboys never bothered me on my daily trip for groceries, especially since we attended Murchison Elementary School at the same time. [Mas…]

We bet this looks familiar! Yamelith made tamales with her mom over the Thanksgiving weekend and shared her experience in this student video, uploaded by the Charles W. Harris School in Phoenix, AZ.

Fruits, flowers, conch shells, special potions, and chingon hats were in season outside the National Stadium in Lima, Peru, Monday, as two sets of shamans cast spells aimed at bringing their rival presidential candidates a victory in next week’s Presidential runoff election.

Fox Latino reports: [Mas…]

Witches and sorcerers and brujas oh my gathered for Ritos, Ceremonias y Artesanias (Magical Rituals, Ceremonies and Handicrafts) at Lake Catemaco in Veracruz, Mexico early Saturday morning.

“The Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus) is a medium-sized (up to 34 cm long) passerine bird widely distributed throughout lowland rainforests of New Guinea and far Northeastern Australia. Males are polygamous and perform solitary courtship displays on a ‘dancing perch’. During these displays, the male fully extends his wings and raises his tail; he hops upward while swinging his head from side to side, showing off his metallic blue-green breast shield. Multiple females will observe these displays, and, if satisfied with the performance, reward the male with copulations.” …Wikipedia.

British synth-pop band Landshapes shot the music video for their new song In Limbo backstage at lucha libre in Bolivia. There’s a great writeup of the shoot here.

Meanwhile, what’s up with those cholitas all dressed up in Bolivan bowler hats? This video explains: [Mas…]

Inca round-up of vicuña to gather ‘The Gold of the Andes’ (video)

by LIL BOPIP March 6, 2013 Cultura
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In the high desert of the Peruvian Andes, the descendants of the Inca form a human chain to perform the Chaccu, the ritual round-up and shearing of the wild vicuña.


Pocho Ocho old-school abuelita-style remedios (cures)

by María Purísima May 31, 2012 Cultura
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8. Chile Does it matter that you don’t eat chile? Or that this special hot sauce will burn a hole in your ulcer? No, eat it, you’ll see how much better you feel. 7. Nopal or linaza (cactus or flax seed) If there’s something wrong with you, let’s flush it out. Sure, you will be […]


U.S. ♥ Mexico WWII propaganda film: ‘Mexican Moods’ (1942)

by JUNIOR WENCES April 21, 2012 Cultura
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Seventy years ago, when Mexico joined the Allies (AKA the United Nations) to fight against Nazi Germany, the U.S. Office of Inter-American Affairs produced and released Mexican Moods praising our new BFF. Sometimes shaky period color footage is matched by shaky period narration and musical production numbers as the film celebrates Mexico’s joining the United […]