Un mensaje importante de Bernardo Sánchez, Bernie Sanders’ Mexican hermano. He’s Catholic. He’s Jewish. He’s a Cashjew. He’s NSFW.

And what would Bernie TV be without Larry David’s SNL sketch Bern Your Enthusiasm: [Mas…]

In the latest episode of Hey Vato!, Chuy gets a mysterious text message full of emojis from a potential ruca, and asks Smiley and his sister Angie explain what the symbols mean.

Is this one of these videos where you say to yourself, “Some people have way too much time on their hands”? And what kind of man spiral-cuts his wiener and then has nothing to say NOT ONE WORD about bacon and chiles and crema and stuff? Is this 50 seconds of culinary wizardry that will change your approach to hot dogs forever or is it an insult to every cholo, ruca and junior who worked so hard to make the Sonoran dog the new black?

How do you cut, cook and serve your frankfurters?

When we heard one of our favorite Hey Vato! episodes (The Tattoo) would be screening at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival we knew it was time for a special Sabado Ponchonte Saturday Night Video Festival featuring EVERY episode of our favorite web series, in order, so here they are. Hey Vatos! Orale! [Mas…]

Dear Abuelita,
OK so I went to this internet dating site and filled out this long questionnaire about my inner feelings and wants and desires and what are my values and what is important to me and all that and still I get no replies from the chicas I email. I will be out in eight months and then under home detention so these girls know I can’t run around on them. What am I doing wrong?
Signed, 098765433456789

Dear 098765433456789,
Obviously you haven’t heard of because that site is filled with locas who love jailbirds. You’ve got better odds finding a mate on this dating site than you have coming out of the pinta with you sphincter intact.

Those homegirls are desperate for love and will beat down their own daughter or mother for a man. You want true love – they’ll give you their undivided devotion con dedications on the radio even. [Mas…]