A bomba de mecate is a rope pump for water wells. In San Miguel del Valle, Díaz Ordaz, Oaxaca, Mexico, you can build one if you know how. Maybe! 😉

Here’s how you do it, at least according to YouTube: [Mas…]

When a peasant in rural Argentina feels the Earth move, he leaves his lover to find out what’s going on. What he discovers is worse than he could possibly imagine.

whatisaburrofinalAt the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO, last week, a question for the ages: What is a burro? [Click on the photograph to enlarge.]


Sarah Silverman explains how right wing forces are trying to disenfranchise millions of Americans with bogus “voter ID legislation” and how you can fight back. (Totally NSFW language.)

Not my abuelita

I spent my two-week New Year’s vacation with family in Mexico. When I got back to L.A. I felt like I had crossed a finish line and, thankfully, made it back safe and sound.

My trip was not really over, though. Everyone at work and in my life was curious. “How was it?” people asked, waiting for me to tell them about my “homeland.”

Which version did they want, the sugar-coated one or the uncensored version? Normally, I would say “It was good. I got to spend quality time with my family and relatives and ate a lot of delicious cheap food!” But that hardly touches the surface.

I know that I am supposed to feel a deep connection, a feeling of being with my people, a sense of being “at home.” But when I am there, I count the days until I come back to the States. I feel like a bad Mexican. [Mas…]