ry cooder

Although we root root root for the home team, we can never forget the gente who were forced out of their homes in Chavez Ravine to make way for Dodger Stadium.

Last night Chavez Ravine looked like this … [Mas…]

flacory“Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone,” Ry Cooder sings. “Let’s pretend that we’re together all alone. I’ll tell the man to turn the juke box way down low. And you can tell your friend there with you HE’LL HAVE TO GO.” And then Flaco Jimenez plays. [Mas…]

Ry Cooder on guitar and vocals and Flaco Jimenez on norteño-style accordion make magic with the Ben E. King classic oldie but goodie Stand By Me.


“You shoulda told me you was married, baby,” she said. Those were the last words he ever heard. Flaco Jimenez and Ry Cooder explain: That’s the way the girls are in Texas! If not, we’ve got lyrics: [Mas…]