pupusasThat’s it. Just pupusas. [Mas…]

ngramHispanic or Latino? This question comes up all the time, and not just during Hispanic Heritage Month, which we insist on calling Latino Heritage Month.

Is there a trend? We asked the Google NGram Viewer to search their big index of published books to see how many times the word “Latino” and the word “Hispanic” were used over time. [Mas…]

With Salvadorans about to outnumber Cubans in America, it’s time to learn all we can about our new neighbors. From the land of pupusas comes this video which may help you get to know Salvadorans a little better. The Salvadoran world view runs from burros to putas to negros to picsa and, don’t forget, psh psh! [Video by Jaysityo!]

In 2006, a bunch of people wanted you to know that they were not Mexican, so they made this video. They’re still not Mexican as far as we know and good for them!

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