nativityholyfamilyTired of the same old same old Nativity with the holy homeless Jewish family and the animals in a manger and Los Tres Reyes Magos? So 2000 years ago, am I right?

What you need is the new Hipster Nativity Set, an actual product, available from for $129 plus taxes and shipping. [Mas…]

Animator Steve Cutts rocks the Max Fleischer-inspired 1930s-looking visuals as Moby & The Void Pacific Choir sing a song of existential angst, Are you lost in the world like me? Can you relate?

thumbSelfies are fun, but we all hate them anyway. It’s hard to understand, but we wanted to compile a list so we were all on the same page.

8. The “It’s that time of the month” selfie featuring sanitary napkins or tampons, either used or not, and/or a sad face.

7. The “I’m in the bathroom but I swear I didn’t just take a shit” selfie featuring a peace sign, your face, the bathroom mirror and the toilet you just used in the background.

6. The “Look I have friends, I swear” selfie with a group of people you never talk about or reference, but refer to as “besties,” “bros,” or “homies” every few months in the selfies you take together. [Mas…]

astrovirginDear Blessed Virgin Mary:

What should I do for Halloween? Do you have any costume suggestions? I am out of ideas.

Unhappy Hyna in South Carolina

Dear Hyna:

South Carolina? Oh, Dios Mio, you have to get out of there pronto! But until you do, I think I can help you with some Halloween costume ideas. It’s one of my fave holidays — I put on my red pumps and go out and get a little crazy. Virgins just wanna have fun, tu sabes?

And I’ve worn a bunch of different costumes over the years, like this astronaut outfit in the pic. Or see if my other photos offer a look that’s right for you!

Your BV, Mary [Mas…]


“Selfie” is a real word, you know. Officially! “Selfie” and “twerk” were added to the Oxford English Dictionary Online in August.

And that’s why we’re extra pleased to present just a taste of the excellent Tumblr Cops Taking Selfies Of course, we’re just featuring photos of two officers with Hispanic names because it is still Hispanic Heritage Month until October 15, but you can click through for equally-charming Anglos and some additional Hispanics we might have missed ! [Mas…]