The Hey Vato! show’s Chuy and Smiley wonder if it’s possible to put away those childish things, like that Corinthian dude said, and enjoy an afternoon of beisbol with Los Doyers.

Screenshot from 'How To Be A Cholo' video (below) shows properly-buttoned Pendleton

A Pendleton is a warm plaid flannel shirt, part of  the uniform worn by old-style pachucos, vatos locos, and a few retro cholo/homeboys. The shirt, if you are Culturally Chicano, irrespective of weather, is always worn buttoned to the top — no matter what.

To complicate matters, the Pendleton has to be worn with a t-shirt because the wool really itches. A Pendleton can only be worn t-shirtless as a gang initiation, or if a homeboy does his own laundry, dyeing all of his chonies red or blue. This means two things: he doesn’t live with his mama, and does not have a girlfriend.

I have said all that to just say this: My wife says that my last Pendleton has to go. [Mas…]