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At the memorial service in Charleston, S.C. for the victims of a white wing racist terrorist, Barack Obama, the last real President of the United States, joined the congregation of mourners. What he did on that day became a song by Zoe Mulford, performed here by Xicana OG activist Joan Baez and animated in pastel watercolors by Jeff Scher. [EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s OK to cry.]

Video via The Atlantic.

tubakkkEarlier this week, in Columbia, South Carolina, Confederate-flag-waving Ku Klux Klan white wingers paraded downtown. The paramilitary-garbed haters were joined by an uninvited sousaphone player who provided ironic musical accompaniment. (A sousaphone is the marching band variety of tuba that wraps around the player, making it easier to carry.) Enjoy the tubalicious music (is that Wagner?) AND the play-by-play commentary from a woman who may also be the videographer/uploader. “Stupid is as stupid does,” she notes. “This is a family tree with no branches.” [Mas…]


Attention, you Africans, sings Randy Newman. Sail Away to Charleston, SC. In America, you’ll get food to eat, and won’t have to run through the jungle and scuff up your feet!

Charleston was America’s top port of entry for African slaves. [Mas…]


Veto Romney, not the DREAM Act

by Julio Salgado January 21, 2012 Cartoons
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This image is about to get printed for a rally in Florida!