It’s that time of the year — Hatch Chile Season.

What is the deal on these so-called Navajo tacos, anyhow?

NPR’s Anne Hoffman and Maria Hinojosa of LatinoUSA are looking for answers: [Mas…]

borderpatrolcover“Heroic” Border Patrol Agents of Lore: Or “That’s Not the Migra I Know!” More Tales of Greedy “Mexicans,” “Savage” Native Americans, and “Heroic” Uber Gringos!

Pappy’s Golden Age of Comics Blog is at it again — posting delectable artifacts from American comic book history that are also revelatory chronicles unraveling the collusion of race, ethnicity, violence, and more in popular “entertainments.” [Mas…]

Go to full screen and serious sound to experience the the stark natural beauty of the Gran Desierto de Altar in Sonora, Mexico, which has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Music: Sinfonía India by Mexican composer Carlos Chávez. [Video by PALAN7HIR.]

UNESCO: [Mas…]

elreycoverThe Big Fancy Coloring Book offers something special for odd grownups, peculiar kids, and lovers of absurd drawings of tacos, Frida Kahlo and/or Chiquita Banana and/or Carmen Miranda, luchadores and armadillos. It’s the latest creative product from our mysterious amigo, The Painter of Arizona Light, whose Internet spokespern is known as El Rey Del Art (so-called self portrait, above).

We’ve secured especial permission to share four of El Rey’s droppings here: [Mas…]

Nothing like a cool refreshing cerveza on a hot dusty desert day. El Mexican gets all that, and more.

Native American tacos at Phoenix’ Fry Bread House (video)

by MOSCA MEXICAN July 1, 2015 Cultura
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The Zagat foodie channel checks out the famous Fry Bread House in Phoenix, Arizona, to find out what the huh fry bread is. And “Indian Tacos”? What the heck? Thankfully, Sandra Martin explains how Native Americans turned Uncle Sam’s lemons into lemonade. And tacos.


Marina’s Way: A Cyber-Novela [Chapter One]

by GABRIEL REYES August 9, 2013 Cultura
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Marina is exhausted but exhilarated. Her entrails are convulsing violently as she pumps hundreds of rounds into the hordes of CSA Minutemen coming at her from all sides. After two sleepless nights of hard battle, she can barely hold onto the trigger, which is a throttle gyrating wildly in her hands. She is emptying magazines […]


Need Dia de los Muertos-inspired loteria-looking woodcut prints? ¡Orale!

by HABLO PICASSO October 2, 2012 Cartoons
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POCHO amiga Donna Atwood is a graphic artist in Phoenix with a love of the Southwest. She writes she was born in San Antonio, TX to predominantly German parents. Maternal grandfather unknown. So, I believe we have “esqueleto en el armario” in my family. I am definitely inspired by Mexican art, especially after studying Mexican […]