cornwomenThe millenia-old native species of Mexican maiz are being forced from the Earth by GMO seeds foisted on growers by international food cartels like Monsanto. The trailer for the upcoming documentary Sunu takes a look at the problem. [Mas…]

HRGigerThe death this week of artist H.R. Giger — best known for the fantastic creatures he created for films like Alien and Species — has unleashed some fascinating speculation about his role in shaping other people’s realities.

Did his creations inspire the descriptions of face-to-face enounters with El Chupacabra?

Prior to 1995, chupacbras were typically described as dog-like creatures, according to one expert.  The CryptoZoooNews reports: [Mas…]

An foreign invader threatens underwater life in the reefs of the Caribbean — a plague of lion fish. Video by Quique Rivera Rivera.

(PNS reporting from AFRICA) As the Muslim world erupts in grisly violence over a third-rate movie trailer, the Christian world is preparing to be rocked by the discovery of a new monkey species in Central Africa — a species that eerily resembles the “restored” Spanish Jesus fresco that has been sarcastically dubbed as Ecce Mono (behold the monkey.)

Religious leaders around the globe are interpreting the resemblance of the monkey to the Spanish Jesus fresco as a sign from God, although they are not exactly sure what the sign means. [Mas…]