Hot sexy salsa dancers! A party — or is it a fiesta? Hopping lowriders! Flags of many nations! Something for the kids! Did Charter/Spectrum/TimeWarner/RoadRunner miss any Latinx cliches?

We asked our favorite ad maven Bernadette Rivero what was missing and what was happening in this spot:

“Missing?” she emailed back. “An abuela kicking a soccer ball with her feet while batting a piñata with one hand and making a call to Latin America.”

Sepia photos of parents, earnest advisers, nice lighting and more. What’s not to like? Vote for me, the generic candidate for president!


Botas picudas (pointy boots) and shitty “tribal” music are the highlights of this campaign video for candidato del PAN Diego Leyva por el distrito 1 en Guanajuato.



The Del Monte® tomatoes travel to Mexico to become pico de gallo but not before the obligatory burros, sombreros y gritos. This begs the question: Where are the cacti and serapes?


Attention assorted Latinos and gringos: Are you stuck in Buenos Aires far away from home when you’d rather be watching the World Cup with your amigos? Come on down to La Fábrica del Taco (LFDT) at either Gorriti 5062 Palermo or Baez 246 Cañitas for comida, cerveza and futbol! Maybe you’ll miss home a little less. [“La Fábrica del Taco,” they write on their SoundCloud page, “es una taqueria bien chingona en Buenos Aires, Argentina. La única y autentica taqueria al sur de la frontera. Invitamos a todos los melo.”]

Does your Argentinan taqueria have a SoundCloud page? The Taco Factory does: [Mas…]

Mickey D’s in South Africa has a ‘Mexican burger’ for you (video)

by MOSCA MEXICAN November 6, 2013 Cultura
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This TV commercial from McDonald’s in South Africa promotes a “Mexican burger” with “fiery jalapeño” hot sauce. Cactuses and sombreros not included. No burros were harmed in the making of this commercial. PREVIOUSLY ON SOUTH AFRICAN MEXICAN FOOD:


Getting chilly out? It’s the season for ‘Snuggies’ (NSFW video)

by GUEY DERSMORE October 17, 2013 Cultura
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When the weather get cold, everyone shivers, including your creepy uncle and the folks at your racist cult tent meetings in the woods. That’s why you need Snuggies — they’re like blankets, but with pinche sleeves! [Totally NSFW language.]


Obama speaks Spanish in new TV ad: We’ve got English captions (video)

by HOODIE ALLEN October 11, 2012 El Now
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Pres. Barack Obama’s reelection campaign continues to reach out to Latino voters with commercials en Espanol and he actually speaks Spanish himself in this new spot. We’ve got English captions/subtitles for people who don’t. RELATED: Craig Romney speaks up for dad Mitt Romney in Spanish-language ad with English captions/subtitles.


Video: The ‘Sheriff Babeu for @MexicanMitt’ TV spot

by Moss Kratloff February 20, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from ARIZONA) It’s the commercial the Mexican Mitt Romney campaign didn’t want you to see — an explosive TV endorsement by anti-immigrant Sheriff Paul Babeu calling for the erection of a GAYDAR border fence. The six-figure TV buy on local stations was cancelled over the weekend after Babeu faced hard questions about how […]